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This is a blog dedicated to helping any lesbians or bisexuals out there in need of advice.

We accept any questions; love, sexual, confusion, depression, ANYTHING. We will do our best to answer every question.

Feel free to ask anything.

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Anonymous said: I've had a crush on this girl for 9 years I finally got her number We've been texting and she replied with a kissy face Do I tell her I like her.?

9 years? Wow. What have you got to lose by telling her? If you’ve got nothing to lose then I say go for it. It could be totally worth it in the end. Maybe even just start by coming out to her if you haven’t already. Don’t be too full on if you’ve just started talking properly, but it’s more than okay to tell her you have a crush on her. Goodluck. x

Anonymous said: I think I might be bi but I don't know and I've never kissed a girl but I really want to what do I do ??

If you really want to, then go out and give it a go. Put yourself out there and give it time. You’ll figure it out. :)


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